Fans of the Halo franchise are probably aware that the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is on its way, and that it will be getting Kinect functionality, but as to what that functionality entails remained a bit hazy until recently where 343 Industries revealed to players what they could expect from the game.

As the title of the game suggests, it will be “evolved” and based on what has been revealed, we’re inclined to agree. Apart from a fancy new graphics mode, players will have access to new features, such as Voice Commands, Analyze Mode, and The Library. With Voice Commands (and as the name implies), players will be able to issue commands via the Kinect console during games, such as switching between settings, reloading, throwing grenades and such.

The Analyze Mode will let users scan items simply by hovering their crosshair over an item and saying “scan”, which are then transferred to your library, from which you will be able to access it using the Kinect and performing various gestures. It looks like things are being taken up a notch or two and is making this edition of Halo much more immersive. Players can expect the game to be made available on the Xbox 360 come 15th of November.

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