Most of us would be able to resonate with the idea of airbags on the inside of a vehicle, but airbags on the outside? How is that suppose to protect you, the driver? Perhaps it is more of protecting pedestrians than the driver, but that is just my speculation. Humanix of Japan is the company behind this tiny electric car that has airbags on the body. According to Humanix, they claim their creation, the ”iSAVE-SC1”, to be the “safest electric vehicle in the world”. Anyone else want to vouch for that?

This three-wheeler can hold up to three adults comfortably inside, with inflated airbags being strategically located on the front and rear, while the entire body will come covered with tent cloth. When you knock into someone or something, air released from the bags will soften the impact. Well, not much damage can be done in the first place anyway considering the iSAVE-SC1 maxes out at just 50km/h.

Humanix intends to sell the first of their cars this November in Japan for around $10,400 after conversion before beginning a mass production process from next year onwards.

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