RIM logoIt’s no secret that Jaguar’s CEO, Vic Alboini, is not pleased with the way RIM is progressing. With Jaguar being one of the investors of RIM and their Blackberry smartphones and tablet, and with the steady decline of market share that RIM has been experiencing lately, his cause for concern is well justified.

At the moment RIM is running a rather unique company structure, featuring two CEOs, which might have had the potential to be great, has instead steered RIM off course, causing the company to end up being a follower of trends, as opposed to setting them, or so Vic Alboini is claiming. This cause for concern has led to Jaguar seeking support from other investors in an effort to overthrow both CEOs or to force RIM to sell the company.

At the moment Jaguar has managed to gather about 8% of RIM’s investors and are in the process of making deals to bring that number up to 12%. While even at 12% it may not be enough to challenge RIM head on, but with that many throwing their support Jaguar’s way, they might have a better chance of garnering additional public support and attention.

What do you think? Could this be the drastic move that is required in order for RIM to start turning things around, or will future BBX devices be the answer to RIM’s problems?

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