Just how many ways do you see the standard USB flash drive is going to evolve to – apart from storage size as well as data transfer speed? Well, memory specialist Kingston certainly has an ace up their sleeves this time round with urDrive, where it is capable of turning standard USB flash drives from a piece of passive storage hardware to an engaged, active storage, letting users access and organize their personal files, photos, music, games and videos in a jiffy. Heck, the Kingston urDrive will even come with a built-in photo viewer as well as MP3 playback support so that it becomes a whole lot easier to view images and listen to your favorite tunes.

Not only that, security is further enhanced with urDrive thanks to Norton PC Checkup, as this particular diagnostic tool will scan for virus infections ranging from spyware to worms and adware, in addition to performing checks for slow performance and risks to identity and data. Love surfing for hours on end on the Internet? urDrive also sports the Maxthon 3 Web browser that is said to deliver industry-leading startup and rendering speeds, in addition to an architecture that provides users with a truly portable, safe browsing experience. You can be sure that your privacy is secured as all temp files, history and cookies will remain on the drive.

The Kingston urDrive will come as a free, pre-loaded application on Kingston’s entry-level DataTraveler 101G2, 108 and 109 USB Flash drives, with the DTIG3 boasting urDrive in the future as well. [Press Release]

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