Going to the hospital in general is not a pleasant experience. After all, no one enjoys being sick or hooked up to tube all day, right? Well LG seems to think so too and have announced what they are calling a 42” “hospital grade” HDTV, and supposedly the largest screen size in the industry for patient rooms.

We’re not sure what makes this “hospital grade”, but its large screen size is said to make reading text easier, which they claim will help to “better educate and entertain” patients. We don’t know about the educate part, but a 42” HDTV in any room should prove to be entertaining regardless.

With hospitals sporting many rooms and many patients, running a television all day can rack up quite the electricity bill, which is why LG has built in an “EcoSmart” technology into the TV. This EcoSmart technology will have to reduce power consumption by varying the brightness of the television’s content, and will power down the television set when it has detected that there has been no interaction for a pre-selected period of time.

The LG 42LD6DDH is expected to start shipping in November, but as to how many hospitals and healthcare centers start picking it up remains to be seen.

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