Philips Introduces LED Lighting System To Help Comfort Intensive Care Patients

The intensive care unit of any hospital is probably one of the most important areas considering patients need some serious care in order to survive their ailment. Medicine, surgeries and other forms of interventions are common for those in the intesive care unit, making trying to find comfortable surroundings rather difficult. Philips is looking to change that as they’re looking to improve patient care by simply using LEDs.

Toro’s Bedside Flushable Toilet Is Able To Travel Right To You

From time to time while I’m writing some of the most amazing and thought-provoking stories on Ubergizmo, I get the urge to make a visit to the powder room to freshen up. That short visit takes time away from sharing my genius with you all, but if I had something like Toro’s Bedside Flushable Toilet, I could simply… uh, “freshen up” while I write my stories. Brilliant!

New York City Children’s Hospital Features Pirate-Themed CAT Scan Room

Back in June, we published a story highlighting the amazing steps the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in Sao Paulo are taking in order to help children cope with their chemotherapy treatments. Now we’re hearing a story of a children’s hospital in NYC who has made the process of getting a CAT scan way less scary by having the process take place in a pirate-themed room.

LG introduces “hospital grade” 42″ HDTV

Going to the hospital in general is not a pleasant experience. After all, no one enjoys being sick or hooked up to tube all day, right? Well LG seems to think so too and have announced what they are calling a 42” “hospital grade” HDTV, and supposedly the largest screen size in the industry for patient rooms.


Obscura Digital to add a bit of “magic” to the healthcare industry

Hospitals can be rather drab and dreary places, although to be fair no one said anything about these places being bright and cheery either. Well perhaps to shake things up a bit and add a little bit of “magic” to the place, Obscura Digtial (the company famous for the YouTube symphony orchestra and a 26-story high projection on Coca-Cola’s HQ) will be bringing some of that “magic” to the health […]

Wireless transceivers used to monitor breathing patterns

Thanks to Neal Patwari and his colleagues at the University of Utah, they have come up with a new study where they demonstrate how their motion detecting technology could be used to monitor breathing patterns and could possible aid in understanding sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

iTriage 3.0 adds emergency room wait times

Ever had a health related symptom that you just weren’t too sure of? Short of actually going online and checking the internet, you could always use iTriage which answers your medical related questions (taken from its website), such as “What could be wrong with me?” and “What do I need to do, or where do I need to go for treatment?” If you’re familiar with the app, you probably know […]

Xbox Kinect finds a use in Sunnybrook Health Services Center

A while back we had reported that Microsoft saw a future where the Kinect could be used within the healthcare industry, and it looks like that future has arrived. It seems that the doctors at Sunnybrook Health Services Center in Canada have started to use the Kinect within the confines of the operating room.

Microsoft Sees A Future Where The Kinect Will Be Used In Health Care

Would you ever have thought that the Kinect could be used for medical or health care reasons? If you didn’t you can’t be blamed as it was after all, developed for the Xbox in mind, which in turn is a gaming device. Microsoft on the other hand doesn’t quite see the Kinect as solely for gaming, as they have expressed interest in seeing the Kinect being used in operating rooms […]

Acoustic rectifier improves ultrasound image quality

Ultrasound technology is an amazing invention. It has many uses in the medical field- breaking kidney stones, treating tumors, cleaning teeth in dental hygiene, and of course scanning pregnant mothers to determine more information about their unborn children. Usually ultrasound scans don’t give very accurate results because of the quality of the images generated. But recently, some scientists in China have developed a solution. In comes in the form of […]