The Logitech Revue is not really a “must have” device, but it still would be nice to see it sitting in the middle of the living room – especially after the recent price cut that say it dip below the $100 mark. Well, Logitech did promise to roll out the Android 3.x Honeycomb update in due time, but it seems that your patience (which is fast wearing thin) is going to be well rewarded – especially when Logitech begins to churn out packaging which advertises the inclusion of Android 3.1 as well as Android Market support.Such packaging was first spotted at a major electronics store which chose to remain anonymous for various reasons, and Logitech execs claim that boxes with such labels are not supposed to have hit the sales floor just yet – I wonder who would be at fault this time around? The label is just a sticker, so I guess an overzealous employee decided to show some initiative this time around.

If you have been mulling over whether to get a new Revue, why not wait for a little while longer until Honeycomb versions hit the market?

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