If you play sports often, and you’re looking for a way to improve your backhand in tennis, or your swing during a game of golf, Mosoro has the answer for you in the form of the Bluetooth LE 3D-Sport accessory.

The 3D-Sport is basically a motion-capture device which is about the size of a USB thumbdrive. All you’d have to do is attach it to a sporting equipment, such as a tennis racket or golf club, and thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, it will be able to pair with your smartphone where it will send data such as how the equipment move in 3D. This will give your instructor, or yourself, a clearer and more precise view of how you swing your equipment, thus allowing you to correct some of your mistakes.

Apart from the 3D-Sport accessory, Mosoro has also announced a Weather accessory, which is reportedly also about the size of a USB thumbdrive. It too will pair with your smartphone, and is said to be able to measure temperature, humidity, elevation and barometric pressure, all of which will be sent to your smartphone. This combined with the built-in GPS function of most smartphones will allow for some sort of crowd-sourced weather report.

Both products are compatible with the iOS and Android platform, and for more information you can head on down to Mosoro’s website.

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