For those who are into robot vacuum cleaners, Neato Robotics has just unveiled their new robot vacuum cleaner, the Neato XV-12, which is the successor to the Neato XV-11 for those who remember.

It does not appear that the XV-12 has seen much upgrades from the XV-11, apart from its new coat of paint, which comes in a “misty white” color. Much like its predecessor, the XV-12 will feature scuff-free navigation, which basically employs the use of lasers to update its internal map and is said to be able to detect furniture so that it can clean around them, as opposed to bumping into them and possible leaving dents or scratches.

It will also be able to return to its charging base when it is done cleaning, and for users who are too busy to remember to deploy the vacuum cleaner, they will be able to set up a cleaning schedule depending on their preference. The Neato XV-12 will be available come 16th October from Target and will set you back $399.99.

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