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YouTuber Makes A Flying Robot Vacuum Cleaner
We have seen YouTubers do crazy stuff, make or break something. But, a flying vacuum cleaner?It seems like Peter Sripol (the YouTuber) has built a vacuum cleaner that can fly.To start with the project, he purchased a cheap vacuum cleaner on Amazon for less than $100 and tweaked it further.It didn’t take a lot of electronic items to put together the robot but it was the result of a few […]

LG Roboking Vacuum Cleaner Is Voice Activated
We have seen our fair share of Roboking vacuum cleaners from LG before, and the South Korean consumer electronics giant is not about to give up on this particular home appliance range just yet. In fact, they are about to forge forward with renewed vigor, thanks to the introduction of a new voice activated vacuum cleaner, going by model numbers VR6281LVMC and VR6282LVMC in South Korea. This is one smart […]

LG Hom-Bot Square Vacuums To Hit CES 2013 Showfloor
[CES 2013] Sure, we will definitely take a closer look at all of the wonderful devices that will be released at CES later next week, but let us not forget that home essentials such as vacuum cleaners, too, will be on parade there. In fact, LG will showcase their latest square robotic vacuum cleaner under the Hom-Bot Square range, and will do so in an entertaining manner by demonstrating its […]

LG Hom-Bot robotic vacuum cleaner debuts internationally
Most, if not all, of the first generation robot vacuum cleaners came in only one shape – it was circular in nature, and they generally pitter pattered around the home while making short work of dust bunnies. It then dawned upon the folks over at LG that a square shape would do a much better job at cleaning corners compared to a circle, resulting in the LG Hom-Bot robotic vacuum […]


This vacuum cleaner concept is half broom, half vacuum cleaner
While vacuum cleaners do a much more efficient job at cleaning up dust compared to brooms, they can be quite heavy and ungainly and aren’t as agile. However thanks to designer Patrick Pedrosa, it seems like we have managed to reach some sort of compromise. Unfortunately it’s only a concept but hopefully some manufacturer will pick up on it and turn it into a real product one day. As you […]

Sharp and Gundam Front Tokyo work on Halo robot vacuums
Sharp has worked hand in hand with Gundam Front Tokyo in order to deliver a range of Halo robot vacuum cleaners which are based on the Sharp Cocorobo vacuum cleaner, where it is able to carry out a conversation with you. We are talking about a vacuum cleaner that is capable of helping you keep the room clean without having it talk back or pull a long face, especially after […]

Samsung Smart Tango vacuum cleaner robot
The world of robotics has yet another member join their ranks, and this one, known as the Samsung Smart Tango vacuum cleaner robot will help mop up whatever dirt or debris around your home even when you are not around. Robotic vacuum cleaners are definitely not new, as they have been around for a fair number of years already, but it is nice to see companies like Samsung make and […]

Neato XV-21 automatic vacuum cleaner launched
If you’ve got a pet at home and you’re looking for a robot vacuum cleaner to keep your house clean, Neato Robotics has got the solution for you. Called the Neato XV-21, this automatic vacuum cleaner has been desgined with pet owners and allergy sufferers in mind. It is touted to work on all floor types and has a special bristled brush to improve the pick-up of pet hair, dander […]

Neato XV-12 robotic vacuum cleaner
For those who are into robot vacuum cleaners, Neato Robotics has just unveiled their new robot vacuum cleaner, the Neato XV-12, which is the successor to the Neato XV-11 for those who remember.

Samsung NaviBot S robotic vacuum cleaner announced
Samsung has taken advantage of IFA 2011 to announce the arrival of the NaviBot S robotic vacuum cleaner that intends to go one up on all the other models that are in the market at the moment – basically, all it requires in just a single touch of a button to kick it into action, and to make things easier for it work, the NaviBot S will sport an Auto […]

Cambridge Consultants introduces eco-friendly Stem vacuum cleaner
Cambridge Consultants, the company behind the Sprint in-wall radar are back with a new product, and this time around it’s something more civilian-friendly that it’s previous offering. Instead of a radar used to detect enemies or traps behind walls, the company has announced a new ‘eco-vacuum’ concept called Stem. Citing it as possibly the “world’s most eco-friendly vacuum cleaner”, Stem is said to use 43% less energy but provide the […]

LG Roboking Triple Eye announced
While it’s been a few years since we’ve reported about LG’s Robotking vacuum cleaner, it looks like the Korean manufacturer has a new Roboking up its sleeve. This time it’s called the Roboking Triple Eye (VR6180WMNC), with significant updates over the previous Roboking. This time around, it features 51 basic sensors, and three integrated cameras (hence the name) that help you analyze your home better for cleaning purposes, or to […]

A Vacuum Cleaner Made Out Of Cardboard
How would like to clean, while at the same time go green? If you do, what do you think about this vacuum cleaner that is made out of cardboard? Initially designed by Loughborough University student, Jake Tyler, the vacuum cleaner seemed like a pretty viable product which is why Vax decided to pick it up. 

LG Vacuum Robot has Smart Diagnostics, tells you it is sick
Fancy a robot which is capable of diagnosing what is wrong with it? LG has crossed that barrier with their latest robotic vacuum cleaner, known as the VR6172LVM, where it will go about cleaning your home’s floor of dust bunnies and their innumerable spawn. Apart from basic autonomous vacuuming, the LG Vacuum Robot also sports a low noise design of 48dB, and has a new Self Voice Over Diagnostic feature […]

MSI does vacuums with iCleaner M800
Who would have thought that MSI from Taiwan would churn out more than just motherboards and graphics cards for nerds? Well, it seems that the hardware manufacturer has come up with a robotic vacuum cleaner in the same vein as the Roomba range with the iCleaner M800, where it will come equipped with a highly sensitive ultrasonic sensor that will slow down whenever it approaches obstacles. Apart from that, it […]

Samsung TangoView robotic vacuum cleaner
Samsung has achieved another home appliance milestone with their TangoView robotic vacuum cleaner, simply because it is Wi-Fi connected and is able to monitor your home remotely. Similar to LG’s Hom-Bot somewhat, this vacuum cleaner will come with an integrated video camera which allows you to treat it as a remote controlled surveillance camera through a smartphone, computer or even compatible tablet whenever it isn’t going around munching up dust […]

Samsung Tango Stealth robotic vacuum cleaner
Samsung recently rolled out yet another robotic vacuum cleaner to make sure your home remains free from dust bunnies automatically – of course, we do wonder why this model sports a circular form factor since the square one would do much better as that kind can reach the corners of your home. Guess until the day where robotic vacuum cleaners are able to sprout their own hands and clean all […]

Dyson DC23 Animal Canister Vacuum climbs as well as cleans
Mention Dyson and chances are pretty good you will think of nothing but it being a vacuum cleaner. Well, the latest addition to the family would be the Dyson DC23 Animal Canister Vacuum, where it will boast level 3 root technology. What does this mean to the end use? Well, the DC23 Animal is able to suck up all unwanted pet hair which has been intertwined in couches and carpeting. […]

Taito R2-D2 vacuum cleaner
Taito has unveiled a new desktop toy for grown up geeks – the R2-D2 vacuum cleaner. This little droid that could now picks up leftover crumbs from all your snacking done at the work table, and is USB powered so you won’t need to worry about purchasing a new set of batteries after a few rounds of vacuuming. Retailing for $20.90 a pop, it will ship later this August.

Evolution Robotics Mint robotic vacuum ships this summer
Fancy the Mint robotic vacuum cleaner that we caught sight of at CES 2010 earlier this year? You might be interested to know that this square automatic home appliance is now available for pre-order from Evolution Robotics. It comes with a NorthStar positioning technology which allows it to clean all spots in your home, as it won’t hit the same spot twice on each run. You will need to drop […]