If you happen to fight one constant battle all of your life without gaining a noticeable uppper hand, chances are it would be the battle of the bulge. Well, assuming you have tried just about all sorts of ways without being able to achieve complete and total victory, perhaps there is a way out for you – with the PowerBIKE. This particular device is said to harness the power of vibration in order to increase the level of resistance. Doing so will in turn, stimulate active involvement of all the primary cycling muscles, and those will include your hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps, in addition to improving circulation.

In fact, a member of the Dutch professional cycling team, Rabobank, is said to have been using the PowerBIKE in training, but then again it could be a sponsorship tie in. No idea on how much the PowerBIKE will cost you if you want one in your living room, but if you were to take PowerPlate’s previous other devices into consideration, this is probably going to burn more holes in your pocket than it does calories around your waist.

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