Cyclists who happen to be carrying something like a bag or some delicious chinese food have had to rely on a small basket propped at the front of their bike in order to get anything transported. We’re not sure just how long bicycles have had baskets on the front of their handles, but we think it’s about time bikes get a modern-day upgrade. That’s where the Transport comes in.

The Transport was developed by David Hotard, Matthew Campbell and Edwin Collier for a studio course in bike design at Georgia Tech. The group’s goal was to produce a new take on the common bike that would include a trunk that would appeal to modern-day urban commuters. What they came up with was a bicycle that had a hubless front wheel that is fitted with an open compartment made from lightweight PET-G plastic that is large enough to hold most backpacks.

The hubless design is also able to keep its center from moving, which means the front tire will turn without spinning the contents around. So food deliverymen could get a much better tip as they’ll deliver food that hasn’t been spinning for 15 minutes straight.

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