I have always wondered whether Superman being himself also had a superior moral code compared to us earthlings – did he ever abuse that X-ray vision of his? While Clark Kent and his alter ego might be fictional, this particular MIT radar system that is able to “see” through walls definitely isn’t, even from a distance.

This new kind of radar technology is capable of detecting moving objects located behind solid walls, where it relies on short radio waves as well as amplifiers to get the job done. Once the signals are received, they will be digitized into real-time video, making it possible to detect people who are hiding behind a concrete wall even from 60 feet away, never mind that those folks make a feeble attempt at keeping still.

It would be disconcerting to see this kind of technology fall into the wrong hands, just think of the consequences should someone with an ethnic cleansing agenda start hunting down their targets through an urban area. Something like this would definitely be able to flush out scared citizens who find shelter in makeshift areas of the city, no?

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