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ComSonics Radar Guns Could Detect Drivers Who Text
Texting while driving is a definite no-no, and it should be anathema to all those behind the wheel, pretty much the same when it comes to taking a swig of your favorite poison. After all, there are horror stories of texting while driving which has led to tragedies, and you certainly do not need a simulator to teach you that, do you? Apple has already patented a technology that can […]

Smallest Radar System As Large As A Stamp
When it comes to the military, you cannot fault us, the general public, to think that there are plenty of toys out there which would not seem to be out of place in a science fiction movie. Well, an European Union team of scientists have managed to come up with what they dub to be the smallest complete radar system in the world, measuring under 0.5” on each side, squeezing […]

Radar prototype device can see through walls
Researchers from the University College London were able to design a radar that can reportedly identify frequency changes, thus enabling them to detect moving objects and people. Karl Woodbridge and Kevin Chetty built a radar prototype that has a similar size of a suitcase. Inside the radar is a radio receiver that is composed of two antennas and a signal-processing unit. The researchers said that they were able to use […]

Wind turbines to bother radar systems no more?
We all learn a new thing every single day – and for today, did you know that wind turbines are able to garble up radar systems? Yes, that is right – with wind turbines in the vicinity, air traffic control can be an extremely stressful job since all the figures and images you see would be jumbled up. Dr. Dorothy Robyn, deputy under secretary of defense in the US, recently […]


Radar might have X-ray vision
I have always wondered whether Superman being himself also had a superior moral code compared to us earthlings – did he ever abuse that X-ray vision of his? While Clark Kent and his alter ego might be fictional, this particular MIT radar system that is able to “see” through walls definitely isn’t, even from a distance.This new kind of radar technology is capable of detecting moving objects located behind solid […]

HTC Radar and HTC Titan product pages are now up
The huge fanfare surrounding a couple of smartphones from Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has continued with no signs of it abating – we’re talking about the HTC Radar and HTC Titan, where the devices’ respective webpages are now live and kicking so that you will be able to check out their official specifications in full glory without having to worry about what you read in rumors of previous stories.The HTC Radar […]

Phased array radar help to improve tornado prediction times
The trouble with tornadoes is this – they are difficult to predict. Sure, we do have the relevant tools in place at the moment to figure out generally just where and when tornadoes are going to strike, but won’t it be better if such systems could be more accurate in their prediction? The phased array radar comes in handy here, where it comprises of a fixed, flat antenna that is […]

Freescale 77GHz radar system makes it safer to drive in difficult conditions
While some of us may live in a place where it’s sunny all the time, most of us aren’t so fortunate and have to endure difficult conditions when driving; heavy rain, fog, and even animals crossing the roads in the middle of the night. While you can be the most cautious person behind the wheel, sometimes it’s just impossible to see what’s in front of your car. Well, the folks […]

Noise Snare is a photo radar for loud vehicles
Some folks think that removing the silencers on their motorcycles is something cool – but all it does is create a grating noise that is painful on the ears, while disturbing the general peace all around. Soon, hybercharged engines that blast their way through the night might be able to be caught, not on camera, but via the Noise Snare – a sonic equivalent of the photo radar. Canada’s Calgary […]

Radar detects concussions in athletes and soldiers
Now here is new technology that might just make it easier for medical personnel to detect concussions in both athletes and soldiers, thanks to the use of a simple radar system which is capable of quickly screen individuals who may have suffered brain injuries after a knock or fall.Researchers over at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) are able to know whether a person is impaired or perhaps suffer from […]

Sprint in-wall radar imaging system unveiled
From Cambridge Consultants, the folks who brought you the portable in-wall radar bag, here comes a new device called Sprint to make fights against the unseen more in your favor. And when I say unseen I don’t mean sprits or ghosts, but possible traps, explosives, and weapons that could be hidden in walls. In addition to spotting dangerous items, the Sprint in-wall radar can also be used to look for […]

The Prism 200c through-wall radar can help save lives
Cambridge Consultants have just launched a new addition to its Prism through-wall radar product line. Called the Prism 200c, it is a simplistic redesign of the Prism 200. It is lightweight, and can easily and covertly fit into a backpack to stay inconspicuous. All users have to do is place the through-wall radar against a wall, and the device will detect the location and movement of any people that are […]

A radar made from coffee cans
A lecturer at MIT taught his students how to build their own Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for one of their projects at the institute this semester. The SAR is a high-resolution radar that is usually used in moving vehicles like airplanes and used for ground mapping purposes. What’s so special about the radars the students were making is that all they used were some breadbordable electronics, empty coffee cans and […]