BlackBerry Bold 9900

BlackBerry Bold 9900

A couple of days ago, we reported that Blackberry users in the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions were experiencing some downtime with RIM’s services. The service was then restored but then it looks like it went down again, this time extending further into other regions, namely Brazil, Chile, Argentina and India, but this time round it does not appear to have stopped there, with reports of service interruptions going as far as Canada and the US as well.

This service interruption was due to a core switch failure in RIM’s infrastructure, and combine that with the fact that RIM’s backup system that did not kick in properly when needed and you’ve got quite a big problem on your hands and a huge mess that needs cleaning up. According to a poll conducted by Engadget, it appears that out of all the users who took the poll, there are quite a number of users who voted that they were experiencing interruptions in both Canada and the US.

It looks like if Jaguar ever needed more convincing evidence that RIM needed to put itself on sale or restructure the company, this could be what does the trick. With the core features of Blackberry devices largely relying on RIM’s service, perhaps this could be the last straw for many Blackberry owners who may be jumping ship to other platforms and phones, such as the upcoming iPhone 4S, or Android devices and even Windows Phone.

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