Samsung logoWhile Samsung and Apple may be chasing each other across continents trying to sue the heck out of each other, it looks like behind closed doors both companies are in talks and are attempting to come to some sort of resolution for this drawn out (and starting to get a bit out of hand) patent war.

Lee Jae-yong, COO of Samsung Electronics has stated today that he has met up with Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, to discuss long-term parts cooperation arrangements. Despite both companies going at each other’s throats, it seems that Samsung together with Apple are still looking to work out some sort of solution that will allow Samsung to remain one of Apple’s core suppliers.

The COO of Samsung told reporters that the company will continue providing parts to Apple until 2012, and are now discussing how to go about best supplying parts from 2013-2014, and how to promote good relations between the companies in the future. While we don’t think that this in anyway magically makes the lawsuits disappear, we guess it’s a good start and hopefully both companies will eventually arrive upon some sort of agreement or settlement that will please both parties.

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