Samsung Solar Powered SchoolIn a charitable move to help the future generations of South Africa, the folks over at Samsung have launched its first Solar Powered Internet School at the Samsung Engineering Academy in Boksburg, South Africa today. It is also the first of its kind in the world – an “exclusively solar-powered, mobile and completely independent classroom that is geared towards increasing accessibility to education and connectivity across Africa.” Since it is self-sufficient and doesn’t require anything besides the sun to work, the Solar Powered Internet School can be used in remote rural areas with limited or no access to electricity.

Each Solar Powered Internet School is a 40 foot long shipping container, which makes it easily transportable via truck to remote areas. They are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, long-distance transportation, and the fold-away solar panels provide enough energy to power the classroom’s equipment for up to nine hours a day, and for one and a half days without any sunlight at all.

The classroom can comfortably hold 21 students each, and has a 50″ electronic E-board, and a whole variety of Samsung notebooks, netbooks, and Galaxy Tablets that have been optimized for use in a solar-powered environment. The school also features an energy efficient refrigerator, a file server, router, Uninterrupted Power Supply, video camera, and a WiFi camera – all designed to communicate via 3G. The server also contains the complete South African school curriculum which means the solar schools can be used to teach kids of any grade.

It’s amazing what technology can do to help education – and it’s great seeing companies like Samsung take the initiative to improve the lives of the less fortunate. Read up more about the Solar Powered School at the source link.

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