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School In Ghana Doesn't Have PCs, Teacher Draws Windows On Blackboard Instead
A teacher in Ghana has received global recognition after photos of him teaching his students about Microsoft Word went viral. Since the school didn’t have PCs which could be used to teach the students about Windows and Microsoft Word, the information and communication technology teacher Richard Appiah Akoto decided to draw an entire Microsoft Word processing window on a blackboard with multi-colored chalk.

Talking Robot Robovie Learning Human Interactions From School Children
We’ve featured a number of stories of robots here at Ubergizmo, with a number of them spelling out the upcoming demise of the human race as they’ve learned to wield chainsaws and have beaten humans in Rock’ Em Sock ‘Em robots. Now, it looks like a robot is expected to infiltrate our schools to learn more about us.A robot model called Robovie began attending Higashihikari elementary school in Japan this week, […]

Samsung launches solar powered internet schools in South Africa
In a charitable move to help the future generations of South Africa, the folks over at Samsung have launched its first Solar Powered Internet School at the Samsung Engineering Academy in Boksburg, South Africa today. It is also the first of its kind in the world – an “exclusively solar-powered, mobile and completely independent classroom that is geared towards increasing accessibility to education and connectivity across Africa.” Since it is […]

Facebook teachers and student "friending" now illegal, in Missouri
In an effort to prevent student-teacher relationships from developing, the state of Missouri’s governor has just put into effect a law that makes it illegal for teachers to directly communicate with students, regardless of whether they’re still under their tutelage or not. Here’s what the law states:“Teachers cannot establish, maintain or use a work-related website unless it is available to school administrators and the child’s legal custodian, physical custodian or […]


Students and staff in the Owensboro, Kentucky to receive free MacBook Air notebooks
Thanks to a hefty $5 million that was collected for stimulus funding in Owensboro, Kentucky; public schools will be getting 2,200 MacBook Air notebooks for students between grades five and twelve, as well as teachers and staff in those schools. This means a MacBook Air for every student and teacher in the district. The notebooks are meant to help the teachers in teaching, and help the students with learning in […]

Samsung Galaxy Tabs used to create Smart Schools in Korea
While schools in America have decided to adopt the iPad for educational purposes, on the other side of the world, in South Korea, they prefer to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet instead. Samsung and Daegu high school have agreed to create a “Smart School” by using Samsung’s Android tablets in the classroom, for sharing educational content. Specialized classrooms will be created according to subjects or SCAS (a system […]

Kinect Used to Teach Kids in South Africa
Microsoft’s Kinect is taking the world by storm. Not only have 10 million Kinect’s been sold, but its also gained a slew of unofficial hacks that move it beyond a gaming peripheral. Take for example, Microsoft’s new trial at the Lakeside Park Primary school in Vyrheid, South Africa that is using Kinect to stimulate and encourage school kids to learn English by engaging them in motion-controlled games. The trial is […]

Nintendo to introduce the DS into the classroom
Nintendo of America has just announced a partnership with the National Art Education Association (NAEA) to introduce the Nintendo DS into classrooms in selected schools across the country. In an attempt to give students a fresh, fun way to study drawing and painting techniques, art teachers in elementary, middle and high school classrooms have been given Nintendo DSi XL systems and copies of Art Academy. Teachers participating in the program […]

IntelliGuard RAVENAlert keeps students and staff informed at all times
IntelliGuard has just released a new keychain called RAVENAlert that aims to keep students and staff aware about campus emergencies and events all the time. Nowadays, universities usually just sends text messages in emergency situations, but as we all know, cellphone networks can be easily overloaded during such times, which causes a lot of messages to be undelivered. The RAVENAlert keychain uses a proprietary one-way wireless network to receive alerts […]

Singaporean schools to utilize iPads in the classroom
A high school in Singapore has recently spent a buttload of cash ($103,430 to be approximate) for 150 iPads from Apple. Part of a pilot project to determine how useful iPads can be in the classroom, the iPads have been given out to children to take notes, make worksheets, and look up additional information on their current subject. The dean of the curriculum wants this project to give children more […]

San Diego schools go solar
The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education recently approved a contract with Amsolar, where they agreed to build and operate 5.2 megawatts worth of solar panels on its properties. Amsolar is a specialist when it comes to solar projects, especially schools, hence a resulting in a rather unorthodox space-for-electricity financing model. Schools will have Amsolar build and operate solar projects on their rooftops, where Amsolar will own, operate, […]