While technology is one of the reasons why our world is in its current state right now, researchers are all finding ways to make things better. One of the ways they’ve been trying to help is using technology to go green. Deciding to start with the classroom, some inventors from around the world are working together to create solar-powered tablets that aim to replace the use of books as well as reduce the usage of electricity generated from non-renewable sources.

Called the I-Slate, this tablet is designed to be used in Indian classrooms that don’t have electricity. The low-power tablets will be pre-loaded with lessons for mathematics, science, and social studies. Besides teaching kids about the subjects, they will also be able to solve problems on the tablet by writing answers with the aid of a stylus. For subjects like mathematics – they’ll be able to get immediate feedback about whether they got the answer right or wrong, and hints on how to solve the problem.

The I-Slate was introduced way back in 2009, but now it looks like they’re closer to completion. The tablets are slated to hit the production lines in mid-2012 (let’s just hope Apple won’t have a problem with the tablet’s name). In the mean time children will continue to study the traditional way – using books.

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