Do you own the Sony Reader PRS-T1? As you may be aware, it’s running on a heavily modified version of Android, much like how Amazon’s Kindle Fire will be like, but what that means is that by right you should be able to run Android apps on it, and that’s what an enterprising hacker has attempted to do, and while progress has been slow, he has been somewhat successful.


At the moment the hacker has managed to get several Android apps running on it, such as CoolReader, FBReader, ReLaunch, AWD.Launcher and Android Terminal. He also tried to get Angry Birds to work on the T1 but it was reported to have kept crashing. Unfortunately he’s nowhere near releasing an alpha or beta version of the hack just yet, which seems like a pity considering that even though it may not be as powerful as a fully functioning Android tablet, it does have its merits.

For one it’s only $170, which is a lot cheaper than some of the bigger named brands. It also comes with a stylus which should make note taking with apps such as Evernote a real breeze to use. Let’s not forget that thanks to its E-Ink display, it has a reported battery life of about 30 days. Sure, there are other cheaper, “proper” Android tablets out there, but for those who want to go with something a little more unique, this ought to do the trick.

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