For those of us who do not properly train our pooches the art of recall, we run the risk of injury or heaven forbid, death, to our four legged furry kids whenever we leave the gate open as they tend to zoom out in the blink of an eye. Sometimes when they make a dash for it after being cooped up in their playpen or home compound for the whole day, they might wander around the neighborhood without you having any idea on where they are. Here’s something that might just help you out – the Tagg Pet Tracker that merges GPS and wireless technology to make it a snap to keeping tabs on your pet.


The GPS will help you build a defined “safe zone” for your pets, and whenever they decide to wander away on their own, you will be quickly notified by text and/or email. The Tagg Pet Tracker will rely on Verizon’s data network for coverage, so you will need to pay for subscription fees. Good thing that is included in the price of the Tagg Pet Tracker itself, as $199.95 will boast a full year of service to get you started right out of the box.

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