Sick of losing your house keys, or wish that your pant’s pockets would stop tearing or going out of shape thanks to your keys? Well it looks like thanks to a group of Taiwanese researchers, opening your doors with an “invisible key” could become a possibility in the not-so-distant future.

Based on the Nintendo Wii gaming console, the technology uses a sensor that can detect three dimensional movements. Users will be able to set a gesture that only they know, and that gesture can then be used to unlock the door. Sounds like a pretty cool idea and we’re guessing that users can constantly change the gestures to stay secure without the need to make new keys or locks.

According to the head of the team, Tsai Yao-pin, this invention would take about half a year to go commercial, and it seems that several companies have approached him expressing interest. It looks like opening your doors with a Star Wars “force” gesture could be made into reality soon!

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