If you frequently attend LAN parties, and you prefer bringing an entire CPU as opposed to a gaming laptop, Thermaltake has a solution for you that will help make it easier on you whenever you have to lug your entire rig around with you.

Introducing the Thermaltake Transporter Carry Bag, which as the name, and the photo above implies, is a casing for your desktop along with multiple pouches and a handle for you to carry your gear around. It measures 600mm x 300mm x 600mm and features two pockets in which you can store a keyboard, mouse, headset, cables, microphone, etc. The entire bag is said to be able to handle a weight of up to 100kg, although we hardly think it will come to that.

Some of the desktop tower cases that is compatible with the Transporter include the Chaser MK-I, Overseer RX-I, Element V, Spedo and Armor+. Unfortunately no word on pricing or availability at the moment.

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