Anyone out there a Twitter addict? Well, if you have tweeted at least 230 tweets, Firebox, an online gadget retailer, will be able to turn all those tweets into a portrait poster that comprises of all your tweet. The poster will measure 24” x 24” and uses 18pt font size. As we had mentioned earlier, it would take roughly 230 tweets to make this poster using those dimensions, although it seems if you have not reached 230 tweets, Firebox will just increase the font size to fill the space.

All you’d have to do is provide Firebox with your name on Twitter and make sure your Twitter feeds is publicly viewable. By that logic, you should be able to create posters of tweets from anyone, perhaps your favorite celebrity for example, or your friend’s Twitter which you can give to them as a present.

Now if adorning your walls with your own tweets or those belong to your celebrity sounds like something you’d be interested in, the Twitter Poster will set you back 24.99 and is available from Firebox’s website. Alternatively if Twitter isn’t your thing, Firebox also provides a similar service with a Facebook Friends Poster.

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