Unreal Tournament 3 in a web browser

Wow, just when we thought Flash was being shunned by everyone in favor of HTML5, it looks like a lot of companies still have faith in it. Earlier today at the Adobe Max event, Epic Games’ Tim Sweeny announced that the Unreal Engine could run in Flash. To prove his point, he showed off a demonstration of Unreal Tournament 3 running in a web browser using Flash. In Sweeny’s words: “It turned out to look even better than the version we shipped on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with improvements like global illumination, better shadows, and god rays!”

While it’s not arriving on mobile devices anytime that support Flash anytime soon, running the Unreal Engine in a web browser is a pretty impressive feat on its own. You can imagine what games of the future can look like once this baby gets licensed out to other developers. Head over to the official Unreal blog to read more about it.

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