Adobe’s Flash platform has been slowly deprecated from use over the years. Companies who have developed browsers, such as Apple, have also disabled the feature by default a few years ago. Unfortunately, it seems that there are still malware out there that is infecting Mac computers.

According to a report from Kaspersky, it appears that the Shlayer Trojan is still making its rounds on Mac computers. This is a malware that disguises itself as a Flash Player update. It will prompt users to install the latest update, but in reality, it will install a trojan on the computer, giving hackers backdoor access to your Mac.

The report claims that this malware has infected an estimated 1 out of 10 Mac computers to date. It is by no means not a new piece of malware and has actually been making its rounds since 2018, but as Kaspersky’s report suggests, it does not look like it will be going away anytime soon.

Kaspersky says, “Having studied the Shlayer family, we can conclude that the macOS platform is a good source of revenue for cybercriminals. The Trojan links even reside on legitimate resources — attackers are adept in the art of social engineering, and it is hard to predict how sophisticated the next deception technique will be.”

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