Here is a physical puzzler that might just keep you and the rest of your geeklings happy – it boasts of a modern version of Rubik’s Cube not in terms of concept, but rather, in terms of images used. There is no traditional color scheme here, but rather, the App Cube will use app icons instead. Basically, you will solve this only when each side is filled with icons from the same app, making it harder to solve at the beginning as we have been trained to differentiate the sides using colors instead of app icons.

I guess the frustration that builds up adds to the challenge, and it will also keep puzzle lovers occupied for longer than usual, especially when they are obsessed with mobile devices and the myriad of apps that it comes with. There is no word on pricing and availability as at press time, so it remains to be seen whether this can make it to your Christmas stocking in time or not.

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