Apple logoIf you thought that Apple would be taking their loss against Motorola in a lawsuit in Germany lying down, you would be wrong as it looks like there is a good chance Apple could get the injunction against them suspended temporarily while they prepare their defense. 

A few days ago we reported that Apple had lost to Motorola in a lawsuit based in Germany, which ultimately led to an injunction against Apple products in Germany. The injunction basically covered Apple Germany, which meant that technically Apple could still source their products outside of their German branch. However this would be a more troublesome process and its delay would cost Apple a lot of money in terms of revenue.

It seems that this preliminary ruling won by Motorola was due to Apple not submitting their defense on time that would argue against Motorola’s patent infringement claims. As to whether this was a calculated move on Apple’s part to buy more time to build their defense, or if it was truly a careless mistake remains to be seen. It is unknown what Apple’s strategy at the moment is but we expect more details surrounding this injunction to surface over time.

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