So you’re out on a Friday night and you’re on the way home after hitting up the clubs, and you ask yourself if you should drive or if you should cab it home, especially since you’ve been drinking. You probably wish you had a breathalyzer on you, which is what Al has done by creating his very own breathalyzer out of an Altoids tin.

It does pretty much what all breathalyzers are meant to do, which is to measure your blood alcohol level. The alcohol sensor built into the device will measure this and will then report the findings back to your Android handset via Bluetooth. The possibilities for this could be plenty, for example if you blew a B.A.C over the legal driving limit, a DIY autoignition lock would prevent you from driving home inebriated.

For more novel uses, it could do what Al’s original talking breathalyzer did, which was to tweet your B.A.C, lending the reading levels to a high score board of such, although that is highly not recommended for both legal and health reasons!

Android Breathalyzer Prototype from opengadgets on Vimeo.

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