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OCIGO by OLYTHE First Predictive E-breathalyzer with Miniaturized Infrared
French company Olythe is unveiling OCIGO at CES 2020, its award-winning connected breathalyzer, the recipient of a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree in the Health and Wellness category. Built around a patented infrared technology previously only available to police department breathalyzers, the new Olythe device offers 4-digit high accuracy and is now available to consumers in the U.S. at an indicative price of $299.00 on 

New Device Developed To Detect Weed Consumption
We do know that breathalyzers are used as a tool by the authorities to detect whether drivers have taken way too much alcohol before they get behind the wheel – but what if there was a device in the same vein as that of a breathalyzer which could actually detect whether one had consumed some marijuana beforehand? This particular handheld device could be used by police to test drivers for […]

Alcohoot Breathalyzer Powered By Your Smartphone
Driving while one is under the influence is never a good thing, as you could end up as a liability to those around – and even worse, end up with blood on your hands in a potential worst case scenario. Having said that, it would be prudent to make sure you either cab it back after spending a crazy night out with your mates, or to have a designated driver […]

Lung Cancer Breathalyzer To Undergo Trials At Pharmacies
When it comes to cancer, especially lung cancer, early detection i always the best way to improve one’s survival rates for sure. Over the years, medical technology has advanced more and more in order to offer a better method of detecting this potentially fatal disease in its early stages so that the right kind of treatment can be administered. One of such technologies happen to be the lung cancer breathalyzer, […]


Breathometer Is World’s Smallest Smartphone Breathalyzer
We have checked out our fair share of breathalyzers in the past (not because we take a tipple or two at the office during those afternoon siestas, but it the name of hunting down the best and quirky gadgets), where among them include those that are already equipped on a watch. Here is a breathalyzer that is small enough to be hooked up to your smartphone, which is why the […]

Floome Smartphone Breathalyzer Does Not Need To Juice Up
Now here is a device known as Floome that does not need any charging to get going, meaning it is ready to be used all the time.

BACtrack Breathalyzer Offers Detailed Analysis Of How Wasted You Are
We’re not sure what’s been up with your smartphone users lately, but we’ve been seeing a number of breathalyzers popping up, with one even having the ability to call you a cab if you’re absolutely wasted. A new breathalyzer is being announced that does a little more than call you a cab as it offers a bit more detailed analysis of your condition.The BACtrack breathalyzer is a device that can tell you […]

Breathometer Is A Smartphone Breathalyzer
Breathometer claims to be the first smartphone breathalyzer (more on that below), which is a device that estimates the alcohol level in your blood by looking at its concentration in your breath. As you can see, this is a rather small device that you could leave in your car, or take with you in your pocket, and it is clearly much smaller than typical stand-alone devices that I have seen […]

iPhone Breathalyzer Calls You A Cab If You're Too Drive To Drunk
We’ve come across our fair share of items that help notify people just how drunk they are, but one thing we never thought would become an actual product would be a breathalyzer accessory for the iPhone. But here we are, in 2013, and something like this will actually be available one day.Alcohoot is the name of the breathalyzer iPhone accessory which will allow you to breathe your alcohol-filled breath into […]

DIY Android breathalyzer connects to your phone via Bluetooth
So you’re out on a Friday night and you’re on the way home after hitting up the clubs, and you ask yourself if you should drive or if you should cab it home, especially since you’ve been drinking. You probably wish you had a breathalyzer on you, which is what Al has done by creating his very own breathalyzer out of an Altoids tin.

Breathalyzer Watch Keeps Your Drinking In Check
There seems to be a watch for just about everything these days, from watches that can check your Android phone for text messages and missed calls, to watches that can even check your sugar level, so it’s really no surprise that there’s a watch that can not only tell the time, but double as a breathalyzer unit for those nights when you’re out drinking and partying but wondering if your […]

NES turned into a breathalyzer
An engineer with time on his hands decided to repurpose his Nintendo Entertainment System into a breathalyzer called DrunkenNES. Using a combination of hardware and software, he managed to turn an NES cartridge into a working breathalyzer unit, and he coded a program on the NES to calculate the readings from the controller. After analyzing the breath of a “player”, they get a score and a rating such as “Buzzy […]

Breathalyzer test before you drive
Toyota and Hino aim to reduce the incidences of drunk driving by joint-testing a new breath-alcohol ignition-interlock system that comes with a handheld unit that can detect traces of alcohol in but a small breath sample, while a digital camera will snap a mugshot of the driver for test-taker identification. Should a test result end up as positive, the system will issue a warning to the driver while locking down […]