HP Pre 3Before you question the death of the HP Pre 3 – yes, the phone has been officially killed. Someone didn’t give the folks at the FCC a memo about the phone or they just felt like inspecting it anyway. Regardless, HP’s flagship webOS a nice teardown and photographs of its innards have been released online. So while we may never get to hold a Pre 3 in our hands, or play around with one, we get to see what it looks like on the insides.

Judging by the photographs released, it looks like this Pre 3 was headed to Verizon (evident by the Verizon logo on the back of the phone). You also get to see how the phone’s engineers managed to squeeze a keypad and a 3.6″ display onto the device, in addition to its chips, Sandisk NAND flash memory, Elpida memory and Qualcomm processor. Head over to the source link to check out the full gallery of the Pre 3 FCC teardown. If you can’t get enough of chips and circuitry, don’t forget to check out the previous teardown of the AT&T Pre 3.

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