Do you happen to own multiple devices? After all, just because you own an iPhone does not mean that it is out of the question that you could own a Blackberry or Android device, so instead of keeping multiple chargers in your drawer or stuffing them all in your bag while on holiday, Innergie might have the solution for you in the form of the Magic Cable Duo and Trio.


As the name and the photo implies, the Magic Cable Duo and Trio allows you to charge different types of devices all from one cable. This saves you the time and space of having to lug multiple chargers with you wherever you go and risk the possibility of losing one of them along the way. With the Magic Cable Duo (pictured to the left), it will feature a USB connector with an Apple dock connector and a micro USB cable tip, with the dock connector “covering” the micro USB for a more elegant solution.

The trio (pictured to the right) will feature the same connections with the addition of a Mini USB connector. This will pretty much let you charge just about any device unless they use some sort of proprietary charging connector. The Magic Cable Duo/Trio will come in either a 15W dual USB adapter ($39.99) or a 10W car charger ($34.99) or both ($49.99). If you’re interested in picking up Innergie’s Magic Cable, head on down to their website for more details.

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