I suppose just like a golfer who does not mind switching clubs to that of different brands sometime down the road in order to maximize the potential of their swing, so do computer gamers who find that brand loyalty is something very subjective. If you feel that your gaming skills and experience has reached a plateau, and wondering whether a change in hardware might actually result in better performance, then you might want to consider the fact that the critically acclaimed, Guinness World Records winning mouse known as the Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T.7 Contagion will be making its way to the Apple Online Store.

Yes sir, this particular gaming mouse that plays nice with both Mac and PC platforms will retail for $99.95 a pop – not cheap, but then again, it is not the most expensive gaming mouse in the industry, either. I like the shape and design of it – it reminds me of the Transformers, as though this little palm-sized peripheral can transform into a cybernetic alien lifeform at any time. Features of this mouse include a 6400 dpi sensor for maximum tracking accuracy, a lightweight aluminum chassis that boasts adjustable weights to suit your personal preference, the ability to set your own Precision Aim speed, and half a dozen programmable buttons plus custom dpi settings for greater flexibility. Will you be getting one?

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