OK, so we have seen source codes for Doom 3, the Amazon Kindle Fire and the HTC Rezound released over the month, and if you are a sucker for collecting source codes as part of your “collection” so that you are able to tinker around with it, here is some bit of news – the Motorola Droid RAZR’s source code is now available, and this means the chances are pretty high as a Droid RAZR owner to be on the receiving end of some modifications as well as custom ROMs coming your way in the near future. To put it in a nutshell, non-developers will soon be able to taste the fruits of developers’ labors in due time, and it might also help in terms of security since bugs as well as loopholes can be better detected by security researchers as well as analysts.

If you are interested, the source code can be downloaded here. Hopefully with whatever mods that come your way as a Droid RAZR owner, it will end up benefiting you and your overall user experience instead of bricking the smartphone. Are you excited to see what the homebrew community is able to come up with?

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