Motorola Mobility logoWe know that Google has announced their plans to purchase Motorola Mobility, and it seems that Motorola’s shareholders have given the company the green light to proceed with the acquisition deal with a 99% vote in favor of the deal. The shareholders at the meeting reportedly represented about 74% of Motorola’s total shares, thus displaying a strong support for the deal, according to Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha.

However despite nearly all of the shareholders giving the go ahead, this deal could still have the potential to fall through. As expected with a deal of this magnitude and valued at $12.5 billion, it’s only natural that antitrust regulators are combing through every aspect of this deal to ensure that there will not any abuse of dominance.

So far the deal has not been met with much negativity, just some worrying on the part of Android manufacturers that Google may start giving Motorola Mobility preferential treatment, or that Google may soon start manufacturing phones of their own and start charging for the use of Android. Google has attempted many times to put manufacturers at ease by stating the Android will remain free and that Motorola Mobility will be operated as a separate entity.

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