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AT&T To Begin Selling Moto X On August 23 Starting At $199
Did you read through our extensive review of the Moto X and decide “Yes – I’m a believer and would like to carry that smartphone around in my pocket for the rest of my life”? It looks like you won’t have to wait long until you’re able to have a Moto X of your very own as AT&T has just announced when they’ll be made available on its network.

Microsoft Sues U.S. Customs For Not Blocking Motorola Smartphone Imports
Microsoft has sued the U.S. Customs for failing to act upon an ITC import ban for Motorola smartphones, as those devices infringe upon a Microsoft patent.

Motorola Mobility Has A New Logo
The new logo of Motorola Mobility has been spotted online. It touts a few Google touches, it has been a Google company since 2011 after all.

Apple's Slide To Unlock Patent Invalidated By German Court
The Federal Patent Court of Germany has invalidated all claims of Apple’s slide to unlock patent, and rules that none of the 14 amendments that Apple has suggested for salvaging the patent are valid. A bench of five judges, headed by Judge Vivian Sredl, made this ruling after a full day hearing. At least two of the judges on the bench are reported to have engineering backgrounds. It doesn’t end here […]


Google Cutting 1,200 Motorola Mobility Jobs
Back in the summer of 2011, Google announced it would acquire Motorola Mobility for $12B. One year and a half later, Google plans to cut over 10% of Motorola’s workforce, essentially cutting 1,200 jobs.This isn’t the first time Google decided to cut jobs at its acquired Motorola Mobility as a few months after its acquisition, Google already cut jobs at the company. The outcome of this round of job cuts is in […]

Motorola To Quit South Korea In 2013
It seems that Motorola Mobility is set to exit the South Korean market next year, which is part of the restructuring process by Google that will involve shedding more than 500 jobs. This reorganization process would mean all of Motorola Mobility’s operations in South Korea will be no more, although the phone manufacturer will retain 10% of its local R&D staff, where this select group will be offered relocation packages. […]

Apple and Motorola Mobility could be looking to settle their patent dispute through arbitration
It seemed like a milestone when Apple and HTC finally managed to arrive at a settlement agreement where both companies agreed to license each other’s patents for a period of 10 years, making this a step in the right direction towards a peaceful resolution in this patent war. However Apple still has other opponents left such as Motorola Mobility and Samsung, and while the latter might not be willing to […]

Motorola's next phone allegedly full-screen = frameless
This past week was particularly rich in news, thanks to the IFA event in Germany, but next week will be equally interesting given that Motorola and Nokia are going to launch their high-end smartphone offering for 2012. Both events happen on Sept 5 and Ubergizmo will be there to provide full coverage, so mark your calendars (9am ET and 2pm ET)!The stakes are high, and from what is leaking out […]

iPhone, iPad and Macs could be banned on Aug 24
It has been practically impossible to read the news without seeing something about a lawsuit involving Apple recently. The iPhone maker has gone and sued many companies involved in making smartphones and tablets, and its fight with Samsung has been relentless, merciless and sometime ridiculous – on both sides. This time, Motorola Mobility is Apple’s Nemesis in a case that could get Apple’s juiciest products banned in the USA. Motorola […]

Fujifilm sues Motorola Mobility over alleged patent infringements
In an industry where patent lawsuits are becoming more frequent, Fujifilm Japan has sued Motorola Mobility for alleged patent infringements – four to be exact, related to digital camera and photography technology (i.e. facial detection, converting colored images into monochrome, etc). Fujifilm claims that they reached out to Motorola Mobility back in 2011 and attempted to reach licensing deals, but these apparently fell through and Motorola Mobility continued with the […]

Rumor: Google looking to cut 30% of Motorola Mobility's work force once their deal concludes
It was just yesterday that we reported that the Chinese authorities have finally given the Google-Motorola deal the green light, and now that the deal is close to completion, what are some of Google’s plans for the Motorola Mobility division that they bought off Motorola for $12.5 billion? Well according to the latest set of rumors (via TechCrunch), it seems that Google might be looking at shaving off 30% of […]

Apple Infringes Motorola Mobility Patent, ITC Says
A judge from the International Trade Commission (ITC) this Tuesday said that Apple has infringed a patent belonging to Motorola Mobility in making the iPhone, the iPad and a couple of other products. The said patent that Apple has presumably violated is a patent of Motorola for eliminating noise and other interference during voice and data transmissions.

Apple scores a major victory against Motorola Mobility in Germany [Updated]
Apple and Motorola Mobility have been butting heads for the past couple of months, with both sides scoring victories against one another in what appears to be a never-ending patent war. However it looks like this time round Apple might have scored what some are saying is a major victory against Motorola Mobility.

Microsoft joins Apple against Motorola Mobility in FRAND patent fight
Apple and Motorola have been butting heads, and at one point Motorola nearly succeeded in getting a permanent injunction against Apple’s iPads over in Germany. If that near-win wasn’t bad enough, it looks like Microsoft has entered the fray and has filed a complaint against Motorola Mobility alongside Apple with the EU, alleging that Motorola Mobility were abusing their standard-essential patents and were going against FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) […]