Now here is something that might just catch your interest – assuming you are part of the crowd who does not mind jailbreaking your iPhone, of course, as Siri, the interactive voice assistant that was introduced alongside iOS 5, is now available on older iPhone models. Yes sir, all this while, Siri played hard to get with handsets other than the iPhone 4S, and now, a jailbreak-friendly program that is known as Siri0us will deliver Siri’s voice dictation to the iPhone 4 alongside the 4th generation iPod touch as well as the aged iPhone 3GS. I guess good things really come to those who wait, don’t you think so?


Before the iPhone 4S was released early last month, Siri was made available as a standalone app over at the App Store, and this older version worked perfectly all right with devices such as the iPhone 3GS, but when the latest iPhone was released, it seemed that the predecessor to the current Siri was pulled back, making it an iPhone 4S exclusive. Well, this hack goes to show that older hardware still has what it takes underneath the hood to handle Siri without a glitch, and it will not need any 4S UDID’s, files or special keys to get going.

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