OVO-4 Home Flight SimulatorIf you want to learn how to fly but don’t want to go through the hassles of going to flight school, you’ve got the option of learning it at home thanks to the OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator. This pod-shaped device comes with a life-sized cockpit, seat and faux-windows made from three 24″ TFT monitors. In addition to the controls you get to play around with, it comes preloaded with Microsoft Flight Simulator X for you to pick up your skills and to conquer the skies.

As well as experiencing visuals and sounds, you’ll get to feel what it’s like to fly as well – with artificial turbulence, lurching during take-off, and rumbling of the engines. The light inside the cockpit also adjusts itself to reflect day to night changes – talk about going all the way with this simulation. However, as with all things wonderful – it doesn’t come cheap. The OVO-4 will set you back $57,300 with free shipping and a 2-year warranty. It weighs about 2,200 pounds and measures 320cm (L) x 220cm (H) x 360cm (W), so make sure you have some space in your home before you decide to invest in one.

[OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator product page]

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