Fans of the Dead Space horror survival game will be interested to learn that according to new reports, there could be a spin-off from the franchise that would turn offer the game in a series of different playing styles that range from a flight-based simulation, a first-person shooter styled game and an “Unchartered-like game”.

It seems that EA is looking to make their Dead Space franchise much bigger despite Dead Space 2 selling more than 2 million copies. It also seems that Dead Space 3 is meant to be the last in the trilogy, concluding the story in the series and thus allowing for EA to expand Dead Space into the other genres we mentioned earlier.

However with Dead Space 3 nearly being killed off and still in production with no official announcement just yet, it looks like if the idea of a flight-based sim, FPS or “Unchartered-like” Dead Space game is something you might be interested in, you could be in for a long wait. In the mean time we suggest taking this piece of rumor with a grain of salt.

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