Prosthesis used to be in place just to help folks with missing limbs look better without having any form of functionality, but over the years, technology has improved prosthesis to a point where they’re actually far more useful than being an appendage to help one ‘blend in’ with the rest of humanity. Nice to know that humans such as Japanese industrial designer and Keio University professor Shunji Yamanaka decided to come up with a concept leg prosthesis that he has dubbed the “Skeletal Structure of Design”.

Being radically different from the sea of artificial limbs out there, Yamanaka’s design was specially designed to fit the female physique. As you can see on the right side, the white plastic attachment that juts out is actually meant to visualize the calf area of a fully formed leg. Basically, it is there so that there is a sense of a silhouette whenever the user decides to don a pair of slacks or pants when she goes out. I like the industrial design of this that does not necessarily have to resemble that of a real leg to look good.

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