Now here is an interesting experiment – if you thought that you are a top class runner, then why not check out this unique ad by Asics? Olympian Ryan Hall was roped in to be part of this ad (because no doubt about it, he was sponsored by them), where the video shows him running at marathon pace for a mere 60 feet – some might argue that he has a head start and was already running at speed, while the rest of the comments did ask Usain Bolt to come in and beat Ryan over 60 feet. Well, marathoners are long term people, so imagine him maintaining this pace for a good 26.2 miles – not to mention him having a stride length of 6 feet 10 inches (!) with a mile pace of 4:46. Check out the full video after the jump to see just how far video wall ads have come, being more interactive this time around than before.

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