sweden-haunted-adThe world of advertising does have its fair share of interesting snippets as well as ideas that help get the job done, which ultimately, would be to have the viewer make a purchase of a particular service or product. Well, an amusement park over in Stockholm has come up with a rather a terrifying technique, inducing one of the most basic instincts in humans, that is fear, to frighten passers-by on the street so that attention can be turned to their latest attraction.

While scanning a QR code would more or less bring up details of a particular product on a website, to see something from the netherworld is not an everyday occurrence. Gröna Lund, the amusement park in question, has put up a code on a plain white poster that says “Do You Dare Look At Our New Attraction?” Once you have scanned the QR code, chances are it will spook you greatly – and that is when one realizes the genius of the entire poster promotion.

Basically, it intends to lead folks to their latest attraction, which is called the “House of Nightmares”. Now this is definitely one of the better uses of a QR code in general. What are some of the other QR code campaigns that you think has been successful in the past?

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