Sennheiser HD 229Looking for some new headphones from Sennheiser? Maybe the audio specialist’s upcoming lineup could be what you’re looking for. The company has just announced the introduction of its new HD 200 and HD 400 series headphones. Featuring a “significant acoustic upgrade” from the stock headphones you get with your music devices/phones, these headphones also serve as fashion statements judging by the bold colors and designs.


The HD 200 Series are the most stylish of the lot, featuring an eye-catching white and colored trim design, while the HD 400 Series are designed to give detailed sound and an immersive listening experience. Prices start at $59.95 and range to $119.95 for the HD 200 Series, while the HD 400 Series range from $79.95 to $119.95. Head over to the Sennheiser website to find out more about these headphones.

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