Who would have thought that a slab of cheese with holes inside might actually be the inspiration to boost the performance of batteries in devices that we use? Yes sir, scientists have actually managed to give battery strength a much needed boost with something as simple as creating small holes in them, where this new and novel material mix might allow it to be fully juiced up from flat in a mere 15 minutes. Sure as heck beats waiting for a few hours to have your smartphone, portable media player or digital camera get charged up to full strength, no?

Should this avenue research be delved into further, scientists believe that the batteries that see action in our smartphones and notebooks might soon be able to recharge themselves ten times faster than ever before, in addition to holding a charge that is ten times more than what current technology allows. There is one downside that our landfills hate though – poking small holes in such batteries would see a sharp fall in recharging and power gains after said battery goes through around 150 times of charging.

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