Remember the shoot ’em up known as Contra, where you and another half naked commando actually saved the world (those who are less proficient in the game received a little help from Mr Up Up Down Down Left Left Right Right A B A B Select Start) with nothing but your wits and plenty of weapons? Well, I am quite sure that during some of the more alien levels, you would have come across some Facehugger clones – so perhaps this is a robotic version of such an apocalyptic future.

These spider robots were specially designed to be flat in nature so that they are able to crawl through a whole lot of rubble and arrive at places where other larger sized robots aren’t able to – I guess earthquake relief efforts would go a long way rescuing those who are trapped underneath or inside with the assistance of such digital lifeforms. This prototype robot relies on hydraulic bellows to move its legs, ensuring that at least four of its eight legs will remain on the ground at all times for stability.

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