Body modifications have been the norm for some years already, and some of them might still take some getting used to such as tongue splitting, but here is a concept that will definitely throw you off balance – I’m referring to having stiletto heel implants. Goodness knows how you’re ever going to complete a decent round of jogging once you have these implants inside of you! I would suppose if there is a high enough demand to see this implant actually become reality, it would exist – but thankfully, nothing of the sort has happened yet. I have no crystal ball to gaze into though, so anything might still go in the future. What do you think – will women be crazy enough to get stiletto implants? I suppose finding the right pair of shoes after that is going to be a real pain, as you will most probably need to look for a custom pair.

This implant also looks far too easy to “break off”, which is what worries me. How much pain and suffering is one willing to go through in the name of beauty and fashion?

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