We have seen the vehicle’s dashboard make the jump from analog dials to digital numbers, and even more recently, we have LCD or LED displays to take over the entire dashboard, while other vehicles also enlist the help of a Heads Up Display to increase driver safety and alertness. Well, Tesla wants to up the ante with their own interpretation on how a car dashboard should look like in the future – starting off with their very own Model S that is due to arrive sometime next summer. This $57,400 sedan will boast a 17″ touchscreen display which coupled with a smaller LCD display located in front of the driver, will more or less cement the fate of the traditional controls and indicators that one sees on most dashboards today.

The screen from Tesla might seem to be a large tablet device at first glance, where it is housed between the driver and front passenger. Apart from showing you important information, it will also boast an integrated music player, a navigation system, hands-free calling, a rear-view camera, climate controls, as well as other bells and whistles that you would definitely be thrilled to have. I wonder whether there will be cases involving the theft of such screens in the future though…

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