I know, I know, sitting in front of the computer all day long while churning out report after report as well as spreadsheets are not exactly most people’s idea of fun, but as long as it puts food on the table, if you get my drift. Having said that, many of us do end up with a case of tired eyes after a while, and you might want to put an ice pack there – while others prefer a nice piece of hot cloth. The Thanko USB Eye Warmer does the trick as well – after all, if you are going to remain tethered to a computer by virtue of your work, why not make use of that extra USB port by placing it on top of your eyes whenever you decide that it is time to take a breather?

All you need to do is plug it in, wrap the elastic cord over you head and start to think of happy thoughts, including spending the weekend at your favorite holiday destination with your loved one. The soft plush eye covering cushions should start to warm up in no time, and it will definitely help increase the blood flow around your face and eyes. You can opt for high and low settings according to your comfort which can be controlled via a switch that is within easy reach. You will need to fork out $20 for the Thanko USB Eye Warmer.

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