Toshiba continues to play the green card with their upcoming LCD TV that will feature a built-in Eco Chip, where this Regza 32BE3 model is said to roll out sometime from the middle of next month onwards. Just what does the Eco Chip do? For starters, it will be able to detect as well as receive signals from the remote even after the TV is turned off using the remote, sporting a consumption current that is as low as about 95μA. The Eco Chip and a large-capacity capacitor will be incorporated into the Regza 32BE3 itself, where the former will be driven by electricity stored in the capacitor, while the AC power is cut by a relay. This translates to a standby power consumption of the TV which is the same as that of an unplugged TV – virtually nil, I presume.

The Eco Chip will come with a timer function. where the relay as well as light-receiving elements will be able to receive signals from the remote, and receive their juice from the capacitor. I guess it is possible to use the remote in order to operate the TV, where one can set a timer recording even when the standby power consumption of the TV is “zero”, now how about that?

Apart from that, the Regza 32BE3 also boasts of a couple of power-saving modes, where the intensity of the backlight is cut by “50%” and “75%,” respectively. You can kick start this function by activating the “Power-saving Button” of the remote, where it will get to work by adjusting the image quality automatically in accordance with the brightness of the backlight. Anything to save power these days, and hopefully, other hardware manufacturers, too, will follow suit.

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