Concept cars are fun. They show off what we could be driving in the future and all the different sorts of conveniences and innovations that it could bring to the table in a hypothetical future. Toyota has recently unveiled such a concept car that they’re calling the Fun-Vii and it looks like something that has been taken out of Tron, although to be honest we’re not complaining.

What makes the Fun-Vii interesting is that instead the entire exterior of the car has been covered with a display panel. This would allow the user to change the look of their car whenever they want, legal complications aside. It can be used to display a greeting to the owner of the car and even allows the car door to be opened by touch.

Not just all fun and games, the Fun-Vii has also been designed to be a connected car in the sense that it will be able to detect blind spots for the driver, and even allows the driver to search/connect to nearby friends. Naturally with such a futuristic looking car and futuristic concepts, accessing the car via smartphone was somewhat expected although to what extent of control your smartphone has remains unknown for now.

Naturally with this being a concept vehicle, there’s no word if or when Toyota has plans to put this into production. In the meantime you can check out the video below for a demonstration of the Fun-Vii in action.

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